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Mondi Polska Sp. z o.o.
Stopka 20,
86-010 Koronowo, Poland
tel.: +48 52 382 1738
fax: +48 52 382 4164


The company operates primarily in the B2B sector, offering its products to food industry companies.


  • Frozen fruits are widely used in the production of various types of jams, marmalades, preserves and many other products.
  • They use natural ingredients which, apart from the nutritional values and vitamins, give the product a natural colour and taste
  • Single fruit purées are ideal for products requiring a smooth structure.
  • Concentrated fruit purées are a more economical alternative to single purees due to the lower transport costs, cheaper packaging and storage.


  • Frozen fruits as whole fruit or as cubes are an irreplaceable basis of yogurt applications, affecting the texture and taste of the product.
  • Fruit purées create an ideal structure for a product with fruit characteristics.
  • Concentrated juices are used as natural dyes or sugar substitutes.


  • The use of frozen fruits and fruit purées in the bakery-confectionery industry as a filling or decorative item results in a product with an improved taste and look.


  • Frozen fruits and fruit purées are perfect in the production of ice creams, as a decorative element. They supply flavour, colour and taste to chilled and frozen dairy products.


  • Fruit purées supply texture, taste and a fruity identity to many types of beverage.
  • Concentrated fruit juices are an ideal starting point for the production of juices and beverages.

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