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Mondi Polska Sp. z o.o.
Stopka 20,
86-010 Koronowo, Poland
tel.: +48 52 382 1738
fax: +48 52 382 4164

Frozen fruits and vegetables (IQF)

IQF (Individually Quick Frozen) are fruits or vegetables that are rapidly frozen and packed in a granular rather than a cakey form.

The quick freezing process means that all natural properties and the physico-chemical composition of the fruits and vegetables remain unaffected throughout the storage period, until defrosted.

We offer fruits and vegetables frozen whole and as cubes and slices in various sizes.
Additionally, vegetables can be blanched before the freezing process.

Depending on the range, a laser sorter is used to sort the frozen products.
Frozen cherries are sorted with a new generation X-ray sorter in order to eliminate fruits with pits, allowing us to offer products with very low counts of cherry pits.

Apart from conventional fruits, the company offers organically grown fruits.

Frozen products can be packed in various types of industrial packaging: paper or plastic bags (20kg/25kg), cartons (10kg) or cardboard boxes (octabins) (500kg). The products can also be packed into retail bags: 400g/1000g/2500g.
There is the option of packing fresh and chilled fruits into 200kg barrels.


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