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Contact us

Mondi Polska Sp. z o.o.
Stopka 20,
86-010 Koronowo, Poland
tel.: +48 52 382 1738
fax: +48 52 382 4164


The company's primary objective is to achieve the highest quality products and services. With regard to this, the company possesses the required tools for the implementation of the Quality Policy. These tools are the HACCP system and the BRC system, the latter certified since 2003. In addition, the company holds an annually renewed BIO certificate, which allows it to offer products from certified organic cultivations. For customers interested in kosher food we offer a selection of fruits and vegetables with KOSHER certification.

An additional tool to ensure a continuing high level of health safety in the food production chain is the traceability system, which is used at every production stage. Batch traceability from the fresh stock to the final product, and back from the final product to the fresh stock supplier, allows the recipient/customer to obtain full information about the production process and the materials used.

High quality stock combined with a thorough organoleptic and physicochemical visual inspection at every production stage helps us meet the customers' needs and requirements, and even to exceed their expectations. Raising staff awareness about their role in the food production chain through constant qualification improvements in the field of food quality and safety allows us to maintain product standards at an invariably high level.

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