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Cookie Policy

What are the cookie files?

Cookie files are computer data, especially text files which are downloaded to a final device of a user in order to ensure optimal usage of the website. Cookies usually contain the name of the website where they originate, their storage time in the terminal unit and a unique number.

Cookie files are used to:

  • Adjust the contents of websites to the user’s preferences and optimise the use of web pages; these files allow in particular for recognising the website user’s device and properly display a web page in a way adjusted to their individual needs;
  • Produce statistics which help to understand how the website users use web pages, which allows for the improvement of the structure and quality of these pages;
  • Maintain the session of the website user (after they log in), so that the user does not have to enter the login and password on every subpage of the website.

We can use two main cookie file types on our website:

  • Session cookies – these are temporary files stored in the memory of a browser until the session is over, the user leaves the website or switches off the software (internet browser),
  • Persistent cookies – these files remain in the memory of a final device of a user for a period of time depending on the cookie file parameters or until they are removed by the user.

Types of the cookie files
We can use the following cookie files on our website:

  • "Necessary" cookie files which allow you to use services available on the website, e.g. authentication cookies used for the purposes of the services requiring authentication on the website;
  • Cookie files ensuring security, e.g. used to detect authentication abuses on the website;
  • "Efficiency" cookie files enabling to gather information on how the pages of the website are used;
  • "Functional" cookie files which store the settings selected by the user and personalise the user’s interface, e.g. in terms of the user’s language or region, font size, web page visuals, etc.;
  • "Advertising" cookie files which deliver to the user advertisements customised to their interests.

How to delete cookies
The actions related to cookie storage and sending are performed by internet browsers and invisible to the user. Most browsers accept cookies by default. However, the user may change the browser settings in order to reject all or selected cookie storage requests. This may be done by changing the browser settings. Before you decide, however, to change the default settings, remember that many cookie files help increase the comfort of the website usage. Disabling cookies may affect the way our website is displayed in your browser.

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